Minor Railways

The Minor Railways Section aims to provide an encouraging forum to support, assist, and provide guidance and to learn from those involved in the minor railway and heritage S&T community.

This includes the purchase, preservation, restoration, installation, maintenance and operation of all aspects of S&T equipment, installations and buildings world-wide. The Section shares information and give guidance regarding items such as (but not limited to):

  • Safety
  • Legal Requirements
  • Communication of industry relevant information
  • Technical processes and procedures
  • Compliance
  • Competence

It also aims to exchange views and provide guidance on a number of signalling and telecommunications issues and to provide some information as freely available guidance notes. All members of the Institution, non-members and guests are welcome to attend meetings.  All our technical visits and workshops are advertised via the IRSE events pages.

Minor Railways Section Committee

IRSE Minor Railways section library

The Minor Railways section publishes a series of guidelines aimed at the Minor Railways which are available from the list below.  Feedback from these guidelines are welcomed, and should be directed to the Minor Railways section document controller who will ensure that the feedback is passed to the appropriate person.  These are listed below.