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Licensing Documentation

What is EngTech?

The EngTech title is awarded by engineering bodies that have been approved by the Engineering Council. It’s a professional title after an engineering technician’s name that matches UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence (UK-SPEC). This means that EngTech is an independently evaluated, internationally recognised mark of an engineering technician’s experience, skills and competence, as well as their commitment to their profession that helps them stand-out from their peers.

The benefits of EngTech for individuals

EngTech is an independently measured assessment and mark of an engineering technician’s qualification, skills, competence, commitment and professionalism. This means that carrying the EngTech title enhances an individual’s status with colleagues and either current or future employers. EngTech status works hand-in-hand with membership of the IRSE, giving individuals access to learning, networking and career development resources. It can also provide a step on the route to qualifications such as Incorporated Engineer (IEng) and Chartered Engineer (CEng).

The benefits of EngTech for business

Ensuring that all suitable engineers and technicians are EngTech registered – and publicising this fact – is proof of a company’s commitment to matching industry standards, as well as maintaining their employee’s knowledge and development. This helps company’s to recruit and develop the best talent, while a more knowledgeable, motivated and loyal workforce – one that matches the rigorous industry standards for quality and safety – is a great selling point when bidding for new business.

EngTech requirements

The Engineering Council have produced a number of competence criteria which all registered Engineering Technicians must meet. EngTech registration is open to anyone who can demonstrate the required professional competences to UK-SPEC standards. Typically, EngTech-eligible technicians will have completed engineering apprenticeships and have recent qualifications and on-the-job training. If you have been working within the industry for many years you can also demonstrate your knowledge and skills through the work that you’ve done.

Route to EngTech for holders of certain licences

The IRSE is encouraging licence holders to look at progressing in their professional career in engineering by registering as an Engineering Technician through the Engineering Council. Membership of a Professional Engineering Institution is mandated by the Engineering Council for those seeking registration at EngTech, IEng or CEng levels. IRSE members’ benefits include the IRSE News magazine, entry to technical meetings and seminars, discount on IRSE publications, and access to MyCareerPath, an electronic competence and CPD recording system.

 The competence criteria for EngTech have now been incorporated into most of the level 3 licences, which are listed in the table below, and for these licences this is indicated in the scope statement on the front page of the licence.  Please refer to the current version of the licence which can be downloaded from the website.  Other higher level licences also cover most or all of the competences and, as they are reviewed, will have EngTech competences fully incorporated. Where this has not yet been done, there are a few extra competences that need to be demonstrated. If you hold a higher level licence, please contact registration@irse.org for the latest guidance on what is required.  

On gaining one of the licences listed in the table, you have demonstrated that you have met the competence criteria for EngTech.  This also applies to surveillance or renewal, with the exception of 1.4.230 surveillance for Network Rail staff utilising the agreed alternative assessment process, who will need the assessments individually reviewed by the IRSE.

No & Version

Licence Title


Signalling Design Assistant*


Point Fitter* -


Locking Fitter (Mechanical and/or Electrical)*


Signalling Installation Technician


Signalling Verification Tester (operational railway)


Signalling Functional Tester


Signalling Maintenance Tester


Signalling Electronic Systems Tester


Signalling Maintainer


Signalling Fault Finder


Combined Signalling Maintainer & Fault Finder


Telecoms Designer*


Telecoms Tester


Telecoms Systems Tester


Combined Telecoms Maintainer & Fault Finder


Telecoms Fault Finder


Telecoms Maintainer


Telecoms Maintenance Tester & Failure Investigator


Traction Distribution Technician


Technical Investigator


Lead Technical Investigator

*Note the extra EngTech competences are included as an option in the checklist for these licences

When you have been awarded one of the above licences you will be “EngTech Ready” with regard to demonstrating the Engineering Council’s competence criteria A to E for Engineering Technician registration. Please note that it is a pre-requisite to EngTech registration that you are a member of an Engineering Institution. The Engineering Council also defines a minimum education requirement equivalent to BTEC Level 3 or NVQ Level 3 for EngTech.  However, if you do not hold these qualifications, the IRSE will look at your CV and assess the details of your experience and any relevant courses or training (including any in-house or equipment specific training) that you have successfully undertaken.

What to do next

If you are interested in furthering your career by becoming an Engineering Technician (EngTech), it is a requirement of the Engineering Council (UK) that you belong to the EC registered Professional Institution through which you apply and, if successful, will then be registered.  Many Apprentices join at the start of their training as Affiliates and, as they gain qualifications and experience can apply for more senior grades, typically as Accredited Technician or Associate Member. If you are not already a member of the IRSE you will need to complete an application for the grade that is appropriate to where you are in your career.  Guidance on the various grades may be found at https://www.irse.org/Membership/Membership-Options

If you are applying for Accredited Technician at the same time as applying for EngTech, there is a reduced form that avoids duplicating some details www.irse.org/licensing/accredited-technician.

All applications for EngTech, together with any membership application being submitted at the same time, should be returned  to: registration@irse.org quoting your name, licence number (if applicable) and details of apprenticeships and/or educational qualifications you currently hold or may be working towards. Please also provide a copy of your CV.

IRSE Code of Conduct

For EngTech Competence E1 it is a requirement that you comply with the IRSE Code of Conduct, which also covers ethics as part of competence E5. IRSE membership is a pre-requisite to EngTech registration and your membership application requires you to sign that you will be governed by this Code of Conduct. If you are a licence holder, you have already previously signed that that you will comply with the licensing scheme LP1 “Obligations of Licence Holders”. You can download a copy of the IRSE’s Code of Conduct from www.irse.org 

Find out more

There is much more on EngTech on the Engineering Council’s website www.engc.org.uk including an ebook www.engc.org.uk/engcdocuments/internet/Website/EngTech%20eBook.pdf which gives more about how EngTech works with engineering apprenticeships, and how it has benefited engineering technicians and businesses. 

If you require any further information or guidance, please contact registration@irse.org and we will do our best to help.