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Our President (2020-21): Daniel Woodland, Head of Command, Control and Signalling at Ricardo Rail UK  became the 96th President of the Institution on 23 April 2020.

IRSE Presidential Address - Dr Daniel Woodland

Daniel Woodland began his career in signalling and communications in 1993 as a graduate trainee with London Underground and is a leading expert in his field. 

On completion of a MEng in Electronic and Electrical Engineering at Loughborough University he joined the London Underground signalling design office developing a specialisation in scheme plans and control tables. Changes at LU forced him to seek alternative opportunities at Alstom, during which time he joined the systems team looking at principles development and operational scenarios for ETCS on the West Coast Main Line. PhD studies at Sheffield University on Optimisation of Automatic Train Protection Systems enabled him to explore signalling theory and implications further. Since then his career has focused on  ETCS, CBTC and similar systems working on projects including the Channel Tunnel Rail Link section 2 and London Underground’s sub surface and Deep Tube upgrade programmes where he was Head of Signalling.

In 2013 he joined what is now Ricardo Rail where he is Head of Command, Control and Signalling.

His responsibilities with Ricardo have included activities to enhance and monitor technical integrity, staff and business development, alongside project works as Independent Competent Person, Lead Assessor for ISA/Assessment Body projects and as a technical expert for consultancy activities in the UK, Ireland, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Daniel  joined the IRSE as a Student member in 1995 and became a Fellow of the Institution in 2010. He was the recipient of the Dell Award in 1996.

His Presidential Address,  ‘The Challenges of Change in Complex Command, Control and Signalling Systems’ can be watched here.

IRSE Council

The IRSE Council is the governing body of the Institution. The role of Council and the duties of Council members are defined in the Memorandum of Association & Articles of the Institution, but in summary, they make decisions on behalf of the members, as appropriate, in the running of the Institution, and generally have to ensure that the objectives for which the Institution has been established are progressed in a professional and satisfactory manner.

They are the Trustees of the Institution, which is a Registered Charity in England & Wales, and are also Company Directors, since the Institution is also registered as a UK company limited by guarantee.

Council members are elected by the corporate members of the Institution, i.e. Fellows, Members and Associate Members, for two year terms, and they can stand for election for subsequent terms if they wish to do so, as defined in the Articles referred to above. The results of the election process are announced at the Institution’s Annual General Meeting held in April and are reported in IRSE News.

The Council is supported by a number of principal Committees. Click here to view an explanatory diagram of these Committees.

Council members 2020 - 2021:


Dr Daniel Woodland 

Vice Presidents 

Ian Bridges, Andy Knight. 

Members of Council from the class of Fellow 

Steve Boshier, Yuji Hirao, Clive Roberts, Peter Allan, Jane Power, Bogdan Godziejewski, Gordon Lam, Ian J Allison, Rod Muttram, Harvinder Bhatia 

Members of Council from the class of Member 

Rob Burkhardt, Martin Fenner, Firas Al-Tahan, Ryan Gould, Rob Cooke, Paul McSharry. 

Members of Council from the class of Associate Member 

Keith Upton, Xiaolu Rao. 

Co-opted Past Presidents 

George Clark, Dr Markus Montigel, Peter Symons.

Chief Executive 

Blane Judd 


Andrew Smith