Exam Support Resources

The support resources on these pages is intended to provide support to members intending to take the Institution's professional examination.

Further support and guidance can be found within IRSE exam study groups run by volunteers and the independent IRSE exam forum.  A list of the current exam study groups is available here, and if you are interested in forming your own group, guidance can be found here.

Hints and tips for exam candidates can be found here.

The material provided on the following pages will help exam students understand what is expected of them by providing general information about the examination, and then for each of the modules, by providing :

  • details of the syllabus for each module
  • copies of previous examination questions for that module from the last five years
  • a selection of sample answers for some of those questions
  • where available, the study guide
  • the suggested reading list

Study guides are available for the majority of modules.  These provide guidance on what to learn and where to find learning materials to support that module.  They also provide suggested activities to support learning. Where no study guide is available there are reference text books that can be used, as well as papers presented to the IRSE on those topics; these are included in suggested reading lists.