The IRSE maintains a forward strategy of planned developments and improvements, to support delivery of its objectives.

The strategy was reviewed and substantially rewritten in early 2015 to reflect the Institution's aspirations for the next five years. It was approved by the Institution’s governing Council at its meeting in April 2015.  The strategy for beyond 2020 is being reviewed by Council at present.

The 2015 - 2020 Strategy covers:

  • The objectives of the Institution, as set out in our Articles of Association
  • Our vision for the role of the Institution
  • Our values
  • Our five strategic aims for 2015-2020

The five strategic aims address:

  1. Growing the IRSE around the world
  2. Attracting, developing and retaining skilled engineers and technicians
  3. Raising the profile of the Presidential Programme of Technical Meetings and Events
  4. Facilitating the role of the President
  5. Engaging with industry

The strategy is supported by an implementation plan, which sets out in more detail the actions that the Institution intends to take to deliver the Strategy.  The Implementation Plan is subject to regular review by the IRSE Council, to check that we are making progress and that the actions not yet completed remain relevant. At the Council meeting held in April 2016 changes to the Strategy and Plan were approved to acknowledge the IRSE's role in promoting diversity in both its membership and the wider rail industry.​​