If you feel that a licence holder's work or conduct is unsatisfactory, you can complain to the IRSE. 

Complaints are normally made by a stakeholder such as an employer, client or infrastructure manager, but may be made by others. You can make a complaint where you think that there has been a breach of competence or conduct by an IRSE Licence Holder that relates to: 

  • the performance requirements as defined in the competence framework of the licence category 
  • the obligations of a licence holder as defined in the Licensing Standard and Procedures.

The complaints process

It is important that you make the complaint as soon as possible after a failing is identified, so that the risks to railway operation are minimised. You should not wait until an investigation or disciplinary hearing has been completed before submitting a complaint. Complete this complaints form and email it to the IRSE Licensing Registrar, together with any supporting evidence. 

  • The IRSE will record the complaint on the licence holder’s record and instruct the licence holder to enter it in their log book, pending investigation. 
  • The complaints sub-committee will consider the complaint and the evidence, and decide if the complaint should be upheld and if the IRSE will revoke the licence category or licence. They also agree any remedial actions that the licence holder must take. 
  • The IRSE will write to the licence holder to advise them of the decision. 

You can find information about the complaints process in Licensing Procedure 4 (LP04).

Appealing against a complaint

The licence holder has the right to appeal against the complaint and subsequent decisions if they feel that: 

  • the complaint is inaccurate 
  • there is further evidence that has not been considered 
  • the complaints procedure has not been correctly followed. 

You can find information about appeals in Licensing Procedure 4 (LP04).

Checking complaints

To check a licence holder's complaints status, use our licence validation service or email

IRSE does not routinely publish details of complaints.

Where a licence has been revoked but the licence card has not been returned to IRSE, we publish the licence holder's details. We also publish the details of licence cards which have been falsified.

See the list of revoked licence cards that have not been returned.