Future Integrated Railway Think Tank

A new approach

The Future Integrated Railway Think Tank (FIRTT) facilitates discussion among industry stakeholders to determine how Britain’s railways can harness digitisation to become more accessible, dependable, affordable and sustainable. The FIRTT aims to stimulate fresh thinking, drawing on ideas from ‘disruptive’ organisations and challenging entrenched perceptions. Run by the Rail Delivery Group, IRSE, WSP and KPMG, FIRTT sessions give guests the opportunity to share views in an open and informal round-table format, their ideas captured in comprehensive output papers for further discussion and development. 

The output from each of our roundtables will be published here.

The Workshops

Accessibility - How do we make rail travel user- friendly, easy to undertake and an enjoyable experience for all passengers?

Dependability - How can we make rail travel more reliable, so that a disrupted journey is a very rare event?

Affordability - How can we make the railway more viable in economic terms (for government and service providers), and be more affordable and
offer better value for money for passengers?

Sustainability - How can we provide the same or better level of service while reducing adverse environmental impacts?

Freight Focus - The four workshops above are centred around passenger travel. We will also run one workshop focused exclusively on getting the freight perspective and learning about opportunities offered by the digital transformation of this sector.

Session Feedback

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