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Event Details

Artificial Intelligence in Railways - a full day seminar from the IRSE
14 Jun 2024 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Further information: Please note registration is from 9:00 AM

Contact the IRSE events team at to find out more details about this exciting seminar

Artificial Intelligence in Railways

A full day seminar from the IRSE on Friday 14th June 2024


The World Economic Forum named Artificial Intelligence as one of the top ten emerging technologies of 2023 and it promises to be a huge disruptor. As an industry we need to educate ourselves and be in a position to utilise and influence the technology in a positive way.

What could the real impacts be for our sector? How will Safety and Assurance issues be understood and addressed before this technology can be deployed?

Looking beyond the hype to real world examples of AI and machine learning being used in a railway setting, this seminar will hear from industry experts including academics, specialists and government advisors.

Whatever happens, it is clear that AI is a game-changer, if you work as an engineer in the railway industry you cannot afford to miss this. With excellent networking and sponsorship opportunities, this seminar also counts towards your CPD.

The agenda (subject to last minute changes)....

Registration at 09:00

Welcome and housekeeping at 09:30

Session 1 followed by Q&A

  • Professor Rod Muttram “Rail Applications of AI: Recommended areas for low risk learning”
  • Professor John McDermit “Assuring Applications of AI in Railways”


Session 2 followed by Q&A

  • Roger Short “Can SIL extend to AI?"
  • Rebeka Sellick AI for railway infrastructure asset management and to enable rail system optimisation”
  • Howard J. Parkinson and Regan Bolton “Revolutionising Railway Cybersecurity and Safety with Advanced AI Integration”


Session 3 followed by Q&A

  • Dr Daniel Woodland “AI in Railway Safety Related Systems”
  • Mike Chatterton “ISAMbot: Advancing Railway Operations with AI-enabled knowledge management”
  • Dr Hassnah Louadah “Rolling Stock Preventive Maintenance Scheduling - Short-term Scheduling Optimisation”


Session 4 followed by Q&A

  • Amine Arezki “Developments using AI”
  • Professor Clive Roberts “Trends and Future Applications of AI and ML to Railway Control – How to Assess Benefits and Viability?”

Summary and close by 17:00


Delegate rates are £174  per person (IRSE members), £120 per person (IRSE younger members) and £225 per person (non members)

New offer - 4 delegates for the price of 3 - please book via this link

Please note that initial rates will be shown without VAT while you are booking - VAT will be added at the end before you are asked to pay through our secure system. 

Click on the 'book now' button below (scroll down and accept the terms and conditions) to reserve your place now (registration to the IRSE website required - follow the few steps to get access, thank you.)

Venue: Institution of Mechanical Engineers (iMeche)
Location: 1 Birdcage Walk Westminster SW1H 9JJ
United Kingdom

For IRSE AI in Railways conference June 2024 Terms and Conditions please see pdf document above and also link below.

Terms and conditions - click on this link

This event is closed.