Whether you are just starting out on a career in train control systems and communications or area seasoned industry practitioner, membership of the IRSE can open new doors, provide opportunities and broaden your knowledge to enhance your professional status.

Around the world IRSE members benefit not only from a wealth of technical papers and publications containing industry news and views from across the globe, but also from the many opportunities to share and discuss ideas that are provided by the Institution’s conferences and local events.  

Membership of the IRSE provides an excellent framework for professional development with recognition of competence and achievement, including the opportunity to take the internationally recognised IRSE Exam and to become professionally registered.   


We ask members at different points in their professional journey what membership means to them - and how it can help you advance your career and build expertise.


To join the IRSE you will need to complete the appropriate application form. 

The same forms should be used if you are already an IRSE member and would like to apply to transfer to a different grade of membership.

Click here to view a chart showing the various routes to the different grades of membership.

You can apply for Affiliate membership online by completing the online form

Accredited Technician 
Download and complete the Accredited Technician application form

Associate Member/Member/Fellow
For Associate Member, Member and Fellow grades, download and complete the Corporate Membership application form. You will need to find two sponsors (IRSE members of the appropriate grades). If you have difficulties finding sponsors, please contact membership@IRSE.org for assistance.

Membership Terms & Conditions
You can download the IRSE Membership Terms & Conditions here.