S&T Training Courses

The IRSE offers a process by which training providers can have their courses assessed and certificated by the IRSE.

Individuals and organisations considering making use of certificated training courses are advised to read Procedure C/10/3 [link to document] to understand the scope and limitations of the certification.

To view the list of IRSE certificated S&T training courses click here [link - 3- Quals & Careers > S&T training courses > certificated courses]

Information for training providers

Training providers who wish to have their training courses certificated by the IRSE must comply with Procedure C/10/3 “Certification of Training Courses provided by external parties” [attachment]. 
When the IRSE is satisfied that the training course is suitable for certification, the training provider will be advised that they have permission to use the IRSE logo in conjunction with the following wording when advertising the course and on any course documentation: 
"The Institution of Railway Signal Engineers certifies that the syllabus for this course is appropriate for meeting the stated objectives of providing the "title of course" course. For more information about the scope of the certification process provided by the IRSE, please see the IRSE website: www.irse.org." 
Training providers wishing to seek certification for a course should apply to the IRSE Professional Development Manager at pd@irse.org, ensuring that they supply all the information required by IRSE Procedure C/10/3, to allow the IRSE to make a decision on certification.