Chartered Engineer (CEng)

Chartered Engineers develop solutions to engineering problems using new or existing technologies, through innovation, creativity and change and have technical accountability for complex systems with significant levels of risk.

Chartered Engineers are able to demonstrate:

  • the theoretical knowledge to solve problems in new technologies and develop new analytical techniques
  • successful application of the knowledge to deliver innovative products and services and/or take technical responsibility for complex engineering systems
  • accountability for project, finance and personnel management and managing trade-offs between technical and socio-economic factors
  • skill sets necessary to develop other technical staff
  • effective interpersonal skills in communicating technical matters.

Are you eligible?

CEng is open to anyone who can demonstrate the required professional competences and commitment developed through education and working experience. 

The application process for CEng registration is more straightforward for those with one of the following exemplifying academic qualifications: 

  • a Bachelors degree, with Honours, in engineering or technology, accredited for CEng, plus an appropriate and accredited Masters degree or Engineering Doctorate (EngD), or appropriate further learning to Masters level
  • an accredited integrated MEng degree

Please note:  

  • If you gained academic qualifications which, at the time you gained them, were recognised as the exemplifying qualifications for CEng, these are still considered to be so. 
  • To check whether your academic qualification is accredited for CEng please contact us at registration@irse.org or call us on +44 (0) 20 7808 1185

You can still become a Chartered Engineer without these academic qualifications, please contact us to find out about the individual, work-based, assessment process.