Diversity, equality & inclusion

The IRSE regards the equal and fair treatment of all its members, employees and volunteers as a vital part of how we work as an organisation

So we have written a Policy on "Diversity, Equality and Inclusion". It states that

"The IRSE is committed to a policy of equality and inclusion for all its members and stakeholders. We oppose all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination and recognise the value of diversity in the workplace.

The IRSE provides services which embrace diversity and promote equality of opportunity. Our goal is to ensure that the Institution’s commitment, reinforced by its values, is embedded in its working practices with its staff, volunteers and other stakeholders. The IRSE believes that the principle of equal opportunities should govern every aspect of its work, and that all staff, applicants for jobs, volunteers, and members should be treated equitably and fairly.

It is our policy to:

  1. increase awareness of diversity, equality and inclusion through member activity and through appropriate publications and media;
  2. reduce obstacles to equal opportunities and challenge/highlight discrimination if it occurs;
  3. support activities and initiatives that address the importance of diversity;
  4. share examples of good practice;
  5. monitor and keep under review our policies and practices to ensure the promotion of equal opportunities.

This policy applies to IRSE members of all grades, employees, applicants for jobs, and other stakeholders. The Institution also encourages its members to follow a similar equality, diversity and inclusivity policy in their workplaces.

In making this statement we recognise that, taking into account the IRSE’s wide geographical spread of members around the world, the application of this policy needs to be applied in a contextually and culturally sensitive manner. "

The IRSE is a signatory to the UK Royal Academy of Engineering diversity concordat and pledges commitment to equality in the profession. We are starting to use the Academy's "Progression Framework" as a means of measuring and planning our progress on our journey towards being a more inclusive organisation.

If this subject area is of particular interest to you, please contact Judith Ward, our Director of Operations, in the IRSE office in London.