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Subscription rates
The 2018 subscriptions rates are as follows:
Affiliate, Accredited Technician, Associate Member, Member Rate (£)
Full rate 100.00
Concession 50.00
Companion, Fellow Rate (£)
Full rate 124.00
Concession 62.00
All rates are in pounds sterling (£).
The subscription year starts on 1 July. Proportional subscriptions are charged to members joining after 1 July. Payment to 30 June of the following year is due from members joining between 1 January and 30 June.
The concession rates are available to people who have paid subscriptions to the IRSE for at least 10 consecutive years and have retired from railway service or from a relevant business or who are on a career break. To apply for the concession, please write to the Membership & Registration Manager.
For young people undergoing training on starting in the profession, the Affiliate rate is automatically reduced by 50% (subject to eligibility) for four full subscription years from the date of entry into that grade of membership. To retain the rate after that, please apply to the Membership & Registration Manager stating why the reduction should still apply. Extensions are granted on an annual basis.
E-membership service level
The standard service to members includes the regular mailings of IRSE News, notices and event application forms. In addition the annual report, annual proceedings and the Council nomination form are circulated by post at the appropriate times during each year. The e-membership service level does not include any of these mailings although all the circulated information can be found by searching the IRSE’s website after logging in as a member. In recognition of the reduced service level, E-members pay a lower annual subscription and the rates for 2018 are shown below:
Affiliate (see note above relating to the discount available to young members entering the profession), Accredited Technician, Associate Member, Member Rate (£)
Full rate 81.31
Concession 40.66
Companion, Fellow Rate (£)
Full rate 100.83
Concession 50.41
Administrative arrangements relating to E-membership
 Before applying for E-membership you must have your email address registered with the IRSE. Most members email addresses are already known to the IRSE and you may verify yours by attempting to log on to the website. If your address is not recognised you should register it using the registration facility on the website. Apply for ‘e-membership’ by sending a suitable email from your registered email address to
 Existing members can opt in/opt out of the e-membership service level ahead of each 1 July (the start of the subscription year) and receive/not receive the relevant e-membership annual subscription rate. An invitation to opt in/out will be sent by email to those members who have registered their email address by 30 April. Any change to service level will apply from the June mailing and be reflected in the annual subscription payable for the forthcoming year.
 E-members can change to the standard service level at any other time provided they have paid the full subscription for the year concerned in advance.
 Existing members will not be permitted reductions or refunds of subscriptions for opting for e-membership after 30 April for the related subscription year.
 New members can opt for either the standard mailing service level or the e-membership service level from day 1 of their membership. The chosen option should be indicated with their application to join.
Country Supplements
The principal subscription rates include a supplement of £9.34 (£4.67 for concessions) for country section use. Other rates are adjusted proportionately. If your country section does not require the supplement to be collected this year or your country does not have a section, your subscription is reduced accordingly.
Subscription status
Members can view the status of their subscription and make payments by logging into the web-site (see option at the top of the screen).
Engineering Council registration fees
IRSE members who are registered with the Engineering Council through the IRSE will pay their annual registration fee via the IRSE. Payment is due at the same time as IRSE subscriptions, although their subscription starts on 1 January.
Fees for 2018 are £39.00 for CEng, £33.00 for IEng, and £19.00 for EngTech holders at 'Final Stage'. The 'Interim Stage' fee is £13.90 for all registration levels.
For those wishing to join the Register, the entry fees for 2018 are CEng £50.70, IEng £42.80, and EngTech £17.50.
Help with paying your subscription
We believe the IRSE subscription represents good value for money, but it is even better if you do not have to pay it all yourself. Many employers recognise the value of professional organisations and will allow you to claim IRSE membership as an expense. Sometimes this is not very well publicised within the company so if you haven't claimed previously it is always worth asking if you can in future.
Tax concessions
If you cannot claim the full IRSE subscription from your employer, you may be able to claim it as an allowable expense against your income tax. For instance in the UK the IRSE is recognised as an approved professional body by HMRC, and they will take the cost of the subscription into account when calculating the tax you pay.
Note: IRSE Sections in other parts of the world should be able to advise you of the equivalent entitlements in their countries.