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Mentoring scheme
The IRSE mentoring scheme is available to assist members to develop their professional competence, achieve their learning objectives and enhance their non-technical skills through mentoring provided by more experienced members.

Most people benefit from having someone (a Mentor) to help and support them manage their learning so that they can develop their skills and maximise their potential, particularly in the early stages of their career. The Scheme facilitates a managed relationship between the Mentor and the person being mentored (the Mentee) by helping them to step back from their daily work, reflect on and review their performance, and identify areas for improvement. A mentor is someone who provides guidance, help and support in the learning process – “an experienced and trusted advisor”.

The IRSE has produced a Mentoring Handbook which gives details of the scheme together with a number of forms to guide the mentor and mentee through the mentoring process.

Applying to join the scheme as a mentee
If you would like to have a mentor to help with your skills development or your career, you should first download the IRSE Mentoring Handbook which fully explains the scheme, complete the Mentee Application Form and forward it to

Applying to become a mentor
We have already received some offers of help from would-be Mentors, but we are likely to need more. If having read the IRSE Mentoring Handbook you are willing to help others by being a Mentor, then we would very much like to hear from you. You can download the Mentor Application Form from the link shown and forward the completed form to
mentoring an installer