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Digital Signalling Upgrade Workshop: Beating the challenge
11 Apr 2019 9:00 AM - 11 Apr 2019 4:00 PMKarl King and Mike Morua of Frazer-Nash Consultancy are leading a structured workshop to identify the fundamental needs and requirements of an example digital signalling upgrade project for this joint IRSE and INCOSE workshop. This will demonstrate a robust and concise process of extracting significant volumes of requirements information in an organised and recorded fashion.Section: London / UK
This joint IRSE and INCOSE workshop will look at the complex activity of conducting route upgrade planning and the need to think beyond the "signalling problem".  The rail industry is being challenged to provide improved end to end transportation services in order to address the increased number of commuters and provide its passengers with a "work on the move" capability.  Although these activities are not directly impacted on the implementation of the "signalling problem", the choices with regards to the migration to ETCS and Traffic Management do have an impact.  These capabilities have to be implemented with the other Control Programme funded activities in order to provide an integrated railways.
The scenarios in this workshop will address the need to "think outside of the box" with regards to these issues as part of the basic task to identify requirements and to begin the process of defining a Migration Strategy for implementing ETCS and TM while integrating these activities into phases in which this capability can be delivered incrementally along with the rest of the routes rail service capability.  The objectives if to allow rail services to proceed with minimal disruptions.
The Workshop will use a scenario to illustrate these points with the participants and to therefore to help the participants prepare themselves for the upcoming challenges with regards to Route upgrade programmes.
This event will be of interest to anyone interested in the capture and development of requirements for complex systems including project managers, designers, operators, engineering managers and sponsors. Participants at this event will leave with a clear picture of good practice in this area and of the gaps between this and their own organisation's practice.
Registration for the event will start at 09:00 with the opening address by Dr Markus Montigel, President IRSE, commencing at 09:30.  The event will close at 16:00.

This event is available to IRSE and INCOSE members at £115 + VAT and non-members at £130 + VAT

Scroll to the bottom of the page to Book Online - Places are limited to 50.  If you do not have a login to the IRSE website, please do so now by clicking for an efficient booking process.  (Please use the latest Internet Explorer browser).

Location:London, UK
Venue:MadeUK (formally EEF), Broadway House, Tothill Street, London SW1H 9NS
Event Type:Seminar