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Presidential Programme Meeting
26 Oct 2018 3:00 PM - 26 Oct 2018 5:30 PMThis event features two technical papers: (1) How to innovate on the railway; (2) The Location and Control of Railway Assets in SmartRail 4.0. This event will be LIVE-STREAMED on YouTube at: Section: Switzerland

Our third Presidential Programme Technical Meeting for 2018-19 comprises two papers, both exploring the subject of innovation on railways, organised by the IRSE Swiss Section. The first considers the basic mechanisms of innovation in the train control and communications field and explores its potential future. The second gives an outline of the core principles of the Smartrail 4.0 project of SBB, which aims at fundamentally changing train control.

The two papers are to be presented by Prof. Dr. U. Weidmann (Swiss Federal Inst. of Technology) and by Vice President Steffen Schmidt, Program Manager for Swiss Federal Railways.

It takes approximately forty years for an innovation in the railway field to become fully established. Today’s innovations are already giving us an insight into what the railway system is going to be like in 2058. It may still be steel wheels on steel rails, but it will be fully digitalized, with far-reaching automation systems. It will also be extremely precise, responsive, proactive, robust and economic. Automation will open up opportunities for break-through new types of passenger services.

The challenge of the next generation railway control systems is to gain high performance with just 30% of the assets and costs. CCS will morph to modern IT architectures using hardware abstraction, virtualization, sensor fusion, precise localisation and capability profile based adaptive protocols. Safe embedded open and generic computing capacity and risk calculations in real time will change the world of our work and safety cases, both track-side and on board trains. The question is, how we can change ourselves as fast as the technology changes?This event will be live-streamed. Look for more details closer to the time of the event

Venue:ETH Zurich (see for more details).
Event Type:Technical Paper