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Annual Programme

  The Presidential Programme 2017-18


A new IRSE President is elected annually in April, and he or she produces a programme of keynote technical papers, together with other events, for the Presidential year.

Peter Symons is our President for 2017-18, and the six technical papers taking place between August 2017 and March 2018 are as follows (click on the titles to see more details:

An Engineer's Journey towards becoming Consciously Competent (July 2017)

The Train Control Dilemma: Technology disruption (Oct 2017)

What follows GSM-R? (Dec 2017)

Potential Effects of BREXIT on signalling and control systems (Jan 2018)

Continuous Improvement for lifelong learning (Feb 2018)

Track worker safety (Mar 2018)


The programme for 2017-218 also includes our Annual Convention, which took place in Dallas in September 2017, and our ASPECT Conference in Singapore in November 2018. Other seminars and technical meetings are organised by the IRSE's Local Sections around the world.



 Peter Symons

Peter Symons