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IRSE President, Council and Trustees

Our President (2018-19)

Dr Markus Montigel became the 94th President of the Institution following the Annual General Meeting held on 27 April 2018.  You can read the Presidential Addr​ess that he gave at the AGM, titled "Winds of Change", in the May 2018 edition of IRSE News. Or click on one of these links to read it in English, French or German.

Dr Markus Montigel Dipl Ing ETH FIRSE is the founder and CTO of systransis Ltd, based in Rotkreuz Switzerland. systransis is involved in the innovation of computer science in the field of railway safety and automation. Markus studied computer science at ETH Zurich university and gained a masters of computer science degree. He was also awarded a medal for an excellent doctoral thesis and a PhD. He has been an assistant professor for computer science, University of New Orleans and a lecturer of computer science and student advisor, College Studies for Telecommunication and Media, St Pölten, Austria. Other roles include project manager and system engineering manager, Transport Automation Division, Alcatel Austria, and assistant lecturer Institute for Traffic Planning and Transport Systems, ETH Zurich.

IRSE Council

The IRSE Council is the governing body of the Institution. The role of Council and the duties of Council members are defined in the Memorandum of Association & Articles of the Institution, but in summary, they make decisions on behalf of the members, as appropriate, in the running of the Institution, and generally have to ensure that the objectives for which the Institution has been established are progressed in a professional and satisfactory manner.

They are the Trustees of the Institution, which is a Registered Charity in England & Wales, and are also Company Directors, since the Institution is also registered as a UK company limited by guarantee. 

Council members are elected by the corporate members of the Institution, i.e. Fellows, Members and Associate Members, for two year terms, and they can stand for election for subsequent terms if they wish to do so, as defined in the Articles referred to above. The results of the election process are announced at the Institution’s Annual General Meeting held in April and are reported in IRSE NEWS.

The Council is supported by a number of principal Committees.  Click here to view an explanatory diagram of these Committees.
  • Markus Montigel
    Dr Markus Montigel
  • George Clark
    Senior Vice President
    George Clark
  • Daniel Woodland
    Junior Vice President
    Daniel Woodland
  • Council Members:
    Ian Bridges
    Andy Knight
    Jane Power
    Peter Allan
    Philip Wong
    Gary Simpson
    Yuji Hirao
    Steve Boshier
    Pierre-Damien Jourdain
    Bogdan Godziejewski

  • Rob Burkhardt
    Ryan Gould
    Martin Fenner
    Lynsey Hunter
    Paul McSharry
    Cassandra Gash
    Firas Al-Tahan
    Xiaolu Rao
  • Blane Judd
    Chief Executive & General Secretary
    Blane Judd
  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith