Passing the IRSE Exam demonstrates your knowledge of railway signalling and telecommunications principles and practices and can provide valuable support for your application for professional registration

The IRSE Exam will be held across all our international examination centres on:

Saturday 5th October 2019

Only IRSE members who have submitted Sponsorship Declaration Forms and had them approved are eligible to sit the exam.

To achieve the full IRSE Exam, you must reach at least a pass in four of the modules listed below, including module 1 which is compulsory

Module 1: Safety of Railway Signalling and Communications
Module 2: Signalling the layout
Module 3: Signalling principles
Module 4: Communications principles
Module 5: Signalling and Control Equipment, Applications Engineering
Module 6: Communications Equipment, Applications Engineering
Module 7: Systems, Management and Engineering

Visit the links on this page to access a variety of resources are available to support candidates preparing for the IRSE exam.