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Minor Railways section

This Section, newly formed in March 2009, aims to provide an encouraging forum to support, assist, and provide guidance and to learn from those involved in the minor railway and heritage S&T community. This includes the purchase, preservation, restoration, installation, maintenance and operation of all aspects of S&T equipment, installations and buildings world-wide.

The Section proposes to identify best practise in relevant issues in order to share information and give guidance regarding items such as (but not limited to):

  • Safety
  • Legal Requirements
  • Communication of industry relevant information
  • Technical processes and procedures
  • Compliance
  • Competence

It also aims to exchange views and provide guidance on a number of signalling and telecommunications issues and to provide some information as freely available guidance notes. It is the intention to work with other likeminded organisations by agreement of the Section committee where practicable. It is also intended that the Section will be welcoming and encourage potential new members to join, to take part in events and to learn and enjoy signalling and telecommunications as a whole. If you do not work within the industry, but wish to join the Institution, this is the section for you.

All members of the Institution, non-members and guests are welcome to attend meetings.

The Signal & Telecommunications Volunteer Technician of the Year Award

The Award was conceived in 2010 to increase the awareness of the contribution that volunteer railway Signalling and Telecommunications designers, installers and maintainers make to the safe and efficient operation of Minor Railways.

The IRSE Minor Railways Section S & T Volunteer Technician of the Year Award is designed to recognise those individuals who demonstrate an outstanding individual commitment, on a regular basis, to the practice of S & T engineering on their particular minor railway or in a minor railway context.

The award is open to candidates over the age of 16 and entry is free. All entries are judged by an independent panel of acknowledged S & T professionals and the award is presented at the Section’s Autumn Technical Meeting each year.

Nomination forms for the award, when available, are located in the 'Other Information' panel on the right of this page.

Discussion Group

To be kept up to date with the latest developments and news of the IRSE Minor Railways Section a Yahoo web-group has been set up. To join this group please email with your name and railway/affiliation (if any).


 Events Diary

There are no events planned for this section.
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Mike Tyrrell

Deputy Chairman
Ron Whalley

Ian Allison

Martijn Huibers

Visits Co-ordinator
Mike Tyrrell