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International Technical Committee

The mission of the IRSE's International Technical Committee is to provide an multi-national and independent perspective on Railway Control, Command and Signalling (CCS) topics. Membership is by invitation, and comprises industry experts from both suppliers and operators, drawn from more than a dozen countries around the world. It aims to inform and educate both IRSE members and the train control and communications community worldwide, principally by the production of reports on selected topics.

Over the years a number of reports have been written, the more recent ones being published in
IRSE NEWS. You can search for and find the most recent ones via our Knowledge Base.  Older reports were published separately, and where stocks remain, these can be purchased from here, or you can download them from the list below.

The chairman of the ITC is Frans Heijnen.



ITC held a Seminar in Tokyo in April 2016 - click here to view the presentations from that event (you will need to log in as an IRSE member to view them).

TypeTitleAuthor(s) Published
Aspects of producing a business case for ERTMSRod Muttram01 Mar 17
ATO for suburban and mainline communicationsJacques Pore31 Mar 15
ERTMS/ETCS views and experiencesJacques Pore29 Jun 07
ITC Report no 7: Quality of Service in Railway Traffic Management SystemsITC01 Dec 04
ITC Report No 6: Proposed Cross Acceptance Processes for Railway Signalling Systems and EquipmentITC01 Apr 03
ITC Report No 5: The Contribution of Signalling to The Future of Rail Traffic Managment and the Economics of Rail TransportationITC01 Nov 00
ITC Report No 4: The Implications of Applying Transmission Based SignallingITC01 Apr 98
ITC Report No 3: The Influence of Human Factors on the Performance of Railway SystemsITC01 May 96
ITC Report No 2 - Operational Availability of Railway Control SystemsITC01 Dec 93
ITC Report No 1: Safety System Validation with regard to cross acceptance of signalling systems by the railwaysITC01 Jan 92
How to create the next generation of senior signal engineersMarkus Montigel & Christian Sevestre 
International barriers to level crossingsIan McCullough 
IRSE seminar on communications based train controlAlan Rumsey 
IRSE seminar on communications based train control Alan Rumsey 
Level 3: From high speed vision to rural implementationWim Coenraad 
Managing obsolescence of electronic equipment in signallingIan Mitchell 
Optimising cost and safety by appropriate use of EuronormsPeter Stanley & Joachim Stutzbach 
Rail integrity is the responsibility of the permanent wayAlan Knight & Ian Mitchell 
Reduction in cost of signallingChristian Sevestre 
Towards the one page safety case: less paper and more assuranceWim Coenraad 
Train integrity is the responsibility of the railway undertakingIan Mitchell 
Train integrity, making ETCS L3 happenRolf Seiffert 
What can signalling do to enhance rail operations?Alan Rumsey