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Scottish Section Family Day Visit to Riverside Museum25/03/2017 10:30Glasgow
This years Scottish Section Family Day Visit will be to the Riverside Museum and Tall Ship, Glenlee.
We intend to meet for 10:30am, and dependant on attendance will conduct the tour which will be provided by the section.
Advanced video and sensor technology applications for Level Crossing and general railway surveillance23/03/2017 17:30York, UK
Technical Conference IoT20/03/2017 17:00Saint Denis
Connected objects in the field (french work for IoT) is today at reach for a reasonnable investment. Taking advantage of realtime technology and maintenance expertise, objects sending data on the status of the infrastructure allows to use predictive maintenance and to get accurate information on what happened, enabling "smart" auto-learning systems or let say : adaptative systems. This presentation will tell what were the choices for french railway technology and how far we have been, what our expectations are.
Presidential Programme Paper: ERTMS Level 3 - The Game Changer14/03/2017 18:00London
Our railways are full. We need more capacity. ETCS Level 3 should be able to deliver better capacity, reduce costs, improve flexibility and increase reliability in comparison with ETCS Level 2. But does ETCS Level 3 actually exist, or is it a theoretical concept not yet fully defined?  Come and hear our presenters speak about the reality being developed.  Members and non-members all welcome.
York Section Annual Dinner10/03/2017 19:00York, UK
The 2017 Dinner will be the 59th Annual Dinner and will be held on Friday 10th March 2017 at the National Railway Museum, York. The reception will be at 19.00 hours for dinner at 19.30 hours. The National Railway Museum is of course an exciting and iconic venue with obvious links to the railway industry and a great reputation for catering for functions in an atmospheric setting. There will be a prize draw with the profits going to the Railway Children charity, once again.
As ever, we would like to invite all IRSE and industry members, their partners, friends and guests to join us for what is always a very enjoyable and informal evening.
The cost of attending will be £42.00 per person, a small increase on the price sustained for several years.  The move to the National Railway Museum is only possible thanks to generous sponsorship by Siemens Rail Automation. For groups, tables will be arranged to seat 10 people. It is hoped that Corporate tables will invite wives, husbands, partners, friends etc. as well as industry members.
The National Railway Museum is close to York Railway Station and free parking is available for attendees. There is a wide range of hotels within easy reach.
Therefore, if you would like to attend, please complete the application form below and send it along with your remittance to the Dinner Secretary or contact the Dinner Secretary direct by e-mail.
Please note that this will be the only notice for this event and no other separate advice will be sent to members.

Generalversammlung (annual meeting) und Seminar10/03/2017 14:00Morges
Upgrading the World’s Oldest Underground Railway - A Signal Engineer’s view07/03/2017 18:00Singapore
Resonate IECC Developments02/03/2017 17:15Derby
Level Crossings01/03/2017 18:00Swindon, UK
Human Factors by John Barnett01/03/2017 13:00Belfast
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