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There are many career opportunities in railway signalling and telecommunications in many countries. The range of activities is enormous. You can train to be an engineer carrying out design activities and be involved in the introduction of the latest new technology at one end of the technical spectrum through to being responsible for the maintenance and integrity of signalling and telecommunications systems first implemented at the end of the 19th century at the other end, and anything in between.

There is scope for people interested in electrical, electronic, mechanical and software engineering and information technology, as well as specialists in safety engineering, RAMS and human factors.

How and what to study
Typically members follow a course in electrical or electronic engineering, physics or safety engineering. Courses can be vocational, technical or academic in nature.

Finding a job
Advertisements for jobs are contained in IRSE News, the Institutions's monthly magazine distributed to all members and on this website. Advertisements can also be found in other railway magazines, such as Modern Railways, Rail News, Railway Gazette (in the UK) and other journals, in national newspapers and on the websites of various agencies for technical and engineering staff.

EngineeringUK aims  to improve the perception of engineers, engineering and technology, to improve the supply of engineers and to place communication at the heart of everything we do. Through programmes such as The Big Bang, Tomorrow’s Engineers and the Communications Hub, EngineeringUK engages with young people, and with those who influence them, to increase awareness of the wide variety of engineering careers on offer and the benefits and rewards they can bring.

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